Be in the company of elite class in the game of Star Girl Game


Star Girl is a free to download and play game for the girls mainly. The aim of the game is to provide them complete entertainment and live their dream life of beauty and luxurious life. Here girls of the game can take any role and dress up as per their choice.

The fashion and film industries are at their disposal and they can opt for the career whatever they want. Star Girl Cheats is there for to fulfill their desires. Get chance to meet with the famous celebrities of the world and live with them, visit clubs and hotels and many more.

Star life to live

The game provides the player whether boy or girl to enjoy and live life of famous and elite class person. Here you can also be a part of page covers of popular magazines, posters, banners and billboards and so on. Here player has to do work hard as there are many other talented persons.

Have fun and make new friends

The game of Star Girl also facilitates player of the game with hang out options and making new friends in the game. Take selfies and photos and post them, on social sites to make new friends and have more fun with the. Go for late night parties, clubs, and hotels and so on.

Participate in contests and do shopping

Participating at world level beauty contests and events is another best feature of the game as well as do shopping of necessary things. Player of this game can win these competitions and get lots of unimaginable prizes and awards. Star Girl Cheats also helps the players to get things which enhance their beauty, look and charm such as makeup, clothes and accessories.


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