Brawl Stars – The Game of Games

Have you played Clash of Clans? Are you a fan of Clash Royale? Then, the new adventure of Supercell, Brawl Stars will definitely catch your attention. The game is just launched in Canada and few regions, and it is coming soon to woo your heart and mind on your Android and iOS phone very soon. The multiplayer levels of three minutes will surely give you an adrenaline rush while the presence of 15 heroes will make the game more interesting. You can upgrade and customize each hero and go to the next levels and earn perks. To be precise, Brawl Star is the game of the adventure that will keep you addicted with its amazing features.

Brawl Stars- What Is This Game?

If you are a crazy fan of shooter games, Brawl Stars will definitely win your mind. It comes with several levels; a chance to win the battle and the loot box that will make you fall for the game. Besides, the game will become more popular just because of Brawl Stars cheats. To make you a strong competitor in the game, these are required. One of the most amazing things about the ‘loot box’ of this game is that there is no timer to open it and also no ‘time to build mechanic.’ There is an only one-time limitation, and that is the game. You can earn more points if you finish the game faster before it changes the map. But, you should know that you can use ‘loot boxes’ only if you have enough coins. Once you have coins, you can upgrade your heroes, skins and several other resources. But, patience is the main treasure of this game; otherwise, you may end up by losing lots of money.

Types of Matches in the Game

You will get five types of matches in this game which covers several maps-

1.      Bounty- In this mode, you will get two teams who are battling face to face to earn stars by killing the opponent. At the end of 3 minutes level, the team with more stars will win the game.

2.      Kicker- This is simple kill and wins mode. The more you kill your enemies, the more stars you will earn. If you get killed by other players, that is the end of the mode.

3.      Smash and Grab- This is also a mode, played between two teams, each has three members. Their aim is to collect gems procreating in the center of a mine. The team who gets 10 gems and be able to hold them for 20 seconds without losing any gems of them will win the battle.

4.      Heist- There are two teams of three members in this mode. Each team tries to protect their safe of loot while trying to grab the others.

5.      Showdown- This is played with 10 players. This is the royal battle where the map is shrinking continuously and filled with gas. If any player remains on the location for a long period, he is going die. Here, you need to gather elixir and be the last man, standing on the map to win.

Do you get how to play brawl stars? Once you play it by yourself, you will get the real fun of this super exciting game.