Clash Of Kings – A Perfect Guide For Beginners

If you are a big fan of strategy based games and wants to play it on your Android or IOS devices, then you should play Clash of Kings once. The elex Wireless studio offers it. It is an entertaining game, and people of all ages use it in their spare time. You can download it easily on your mobile because it takes only 97 MB of space. There is no doubt in the fact that Clash of Kings is one of the most popular game and you can play it any time on mobile. For all the android users it is must to have 2.3.3 Android version to access the game perfectly. People from whole over the world play it, and thousands of people install it till now.


There are many resources available in the game to attack the enemies. Use all the week and strong troops to complete this process. You have to unlock the many of building to use all the troops. It is better for you to unlock the new troops to make a strong town. You have to unlock many of buildings to use the powerful troops.

  • Unlock the barracks buildings to open the troops such as militia, spearman, heavy pikeman and many more.
  • If you want to use the cavalry troops, then you have to work on unlocking the stables building in the game.
  • Upgrade the building of range to find the archers like Eagle Archer and Archer guard.
  • To use the assault cart, heavy Mangonel troops you have to unlock the Chariot plant buildings.

Final words

In my opinion, you should learn the all details about the troops by using the video of professional players through YouTube and by trying Clash Of Kings Cheats. It makes the process easy and you can easily use the right troops for the proper work.

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