Essential tips for Jurassic World Alive

Jurassic World Alive is released recently on the Android or IOS. Many people are plying it because it is a perfect source of entertainment for every game lover. Developed by the Ludia, and they used very good graphics in it. The player can collect the dinosaur by exploring the locations like a real world. Moreover, you can catch the dinosaurs with the help of DNA samples. Take help from the guides to lean the controls or try to play perfectly in the beginning.  Jurassic World Alive gives you a lot of features to play the game without any charges. It is the world famous simulation game; you can see the dinosaurs in it.  In the gaming world, it is best one to play. You can use the map to find your place or easily get the location of big dinosaurs. You should build a strong team by collecting big dinosaurs in the beginning.



  • The first important thing is to build the best squad to enter the fights; it is the only way to unlock new dinosaurs for the fight. Try to win all the matches to complete the missions and increase the level. Learn the best way from tutorials to catch the dinosaurs in the easy way.
  • Try to encounter the dinosaurs in the first attempt, to update your collection, to start the encounters you have to dart your first dinosaur. If you shot them with no distance, then you will get the more DNA samples. Be patience while moving closer to the dinosaur, because if they will start running, then it’s difficult for you to shot them.
  • Don’t lose hope if you are not able to collect that much DNS for the dinosaur; you will get many more chances in future to get it.  You need almost four dinosaurs to start the game. By clicking on the skull icon, you can see your collection to save the time of selection.

Basics for battle

If you want to enter the battle, you should click on the battle icon. It takes few seconds to load the page, but after the loading, you can find the perfect league for you.  If you have the opponent to start the fight, you have only 5 to 10 seconds to select the dinosaur for that battle. The game gives you 10 to 15 seconds to choose the power of your dinosaur or change the dinosaur during the battle. Always starts with the basics to utilize every feature which you have. It is not easy to win the battles but if you give your best, and then you can also face the strong dinosaurs easily. Try to use all dinosaurs by their need don’t use weak dinosaur in every fight, try to update them or increase their level.


The game provides you with all different modes, which makes it unique for all players.  All fights or missions in this are different from every simulating game. You can collect the total eight dinosaurs to make a perfect team, but you have to pick only four dinosaurs for the fight.

You should update every dinosaur equally to face every difficult fight.  Try to increase your rank by winning more battles; it gives you the power to access new arenas in the game. To collect all the DNA samples you have to unlock every arena because every arena has the special DNA samples for dinosaurs. That means if you want to get the strong dinosaurs, then it’s important to unlock new arenas.

Win all battles to increase your rank; it helps you in boosting your confidence to give best in the game by trying Jurassic World Alive Hack 2018.









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