How to create new an account without Email on Sweatcoin?


Are you suffering from fat related problems? If so then today we will tell you an outstanding option which will provide you dual benefits. Here dual benefits mean losing the weight and also earn real-life currencies. If you are searching for this type of platform, then Sweatcoin is a perfect option. It is a GPS based application which will count your steps.

On the steps basic you will receive some amount of coins. These coins are convertible into real life currencies and achieving some gifts. IN it a shop option is also given where different kinds of running based equipment are available. With the help of a sufficient amount of coins you can easily get these all types of equipment for yourself.

Steps for making a new profile with a mobile number-

If you are a new user and not have any social site account, then you are applicable for creating a new profile with the mobile number.  For making an account with the number, you need to follow some crucial paths.

  • First, you should install the application from an app store, and in this digital world, every device has own store. It means for IOS user apple app store is present and as well as for Android user Google play store is present.
  • After installing the application open it in your device. At that time of opening, you have two login options are available on the main screen. You should select the mobile number option and fill the personnel number. At that time a unique OTP comes through a message. Fill the code into blank options with the required information. As per you can easily create a new profile without an email address. Here for becoming a leaderboard player,, you should choose the Sweatcoin Hack 2019 option because it will use to unlock more advanced and beneficial feature.


This way you can make your profile on the application. So go for it so that you can stay healthy and make money also with fitness. It takes a lot of efforts and even money also to maintain fit whereas through the help of this application you can earn also.




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