Mutants Genetic Gladiator: Know About the Mutants & Create Powerful Team

Play the mutant genetic gladiator and save the world from evil mutants whose real motive is to destroy life from the universe. The game is all about the mutants and genes that mutant posses, to know more about mutants and genes read it below for more information. There are powerful creatures and players can make their squad stop them all. The game is designed with very attractive graphics of mutants and the locations. To know more required information read Mutants Genetic Gladiators Cheats following.

As you know that mutants are no ordinary creatures, and they are also not even from the planet earth, but they have the task to destroy the universe. So in order to save it, players have to make a squad of helping mutants in the game to save everything from bad happening.

Mutants are very powerful, and there are few genes that mutants are related to, read what those genes are –

ª  Cyber – Cyber is a mechanical gene that found in those mutants who have mechanical powers. It is one of those Genes, and it is obtained at the beginning of the game choose from three. Its mutant is generally robots.

ª  Necro – Necro genes are usually powerful and hard to kill, they can bear a lot of pain and attacks, and they are usually undead or attached to death. The zombie mutants are mostly Necro and connected to it.

ª  Saber – These mutant fights with some weapons while fighting to others. They are called as a warrior mutant.

ª  Zoomorbh – Zoomorbh mutant looks like animals they have body structure like animals these are recognized as a beast mutant and unlocked at the stores

These are some important mutant and unlock them with Mutants Genetic Gladiators Cheats without putting many efforts.