Reveal The Mystery Of Battlelands Royal

Battlelands Royale is a brand new game launched for the Android and IOS by a famous gaming company Future play. In the game, you have to fight against 31 players who are playing from all over the world. However, the game is very much easy from other battle games, because everyone has the same goal in the game. You can see amazing graphics in the game, and there are two modes are available in it. You can play the game in solo mode or duo mode. You can see a lot of different characters in the game to increase your interest level.

If you are facing some problem with learning the rules and controls, then you can use the tutorials to play the game correctly. Here I am giving you some essential tips to cover everything about the game.

The basics

  • Always correctly use the weapons and to try to be expert for using one particular gun.
  • Before collecting the weapons, you have to find the shield first to increase the health percentage.
  • Work on your shooting skills and try to make yourself more professional for playing the game.
  • Use the best weapon for the difficult fights to make the mission easy for you.
  • Always try to hit the headshot to kill your enemy in a single hit.
  • Create an attractive player to play the game with your online friends.

Guide for gameplay

In Battlelands Royale Cheats it is important for you to choose a perfect location for the landing of your player in the starting point.  Location step means a lot because you can find many different weapons if you land in the perfect place.

The game gives you a mini-map in the top right corner because the area in the game starts shrinking after a certain time. It is your responsibility to play in the safe zone using minimap.

If you want to win the battle, you should be alive in the game until the end. You can use many of weapons to kill your enemies, and with it, you will make the game easy for you.

Keep yourself in the safe zone

Just like PUBG, you can see a safe zone in the game; you should keep yourself in the safe zone by using the map. The place of the safe zone will reduce with the time.



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