Subway Surfers – An Overall Guide to Know!

Kiloo launched a mind-blowing game that comes under the category of arcade based games. It is created for the most popular gaming platforms that are Android and IOS. One major thing about Subway Surfers is that it deals in lots of classic and mind-blowing features. All these features make Subway Surfers a classic and impressive arcade game.

One should know that in Subway Surfers there are lots of classic and stunning levels. Different types of characters currency and lots of other things also present. To make quick progress in the game one has to earn a significant amount of coins and keys. The more and more players have currency in the game the easier it become for them to go ahead in Subway Surfers.

More to know about

In Subway Surfers, there are lots of objectives and events present which the gamers have to complete. The more and more players complete these events and objectives the quicker they make progress in Subway Surfers. Another fine thing about the game is that players are free applying subway surfers hack to add a good amount of keys and coins to their account. One fine thing that all users should know is that they also get all powers in the game by applying hacks or cheats.


There are two main types of currency present in Subway Surfers and both are present in the form of coins and keys. Earning both of them in proper amount is necessary for the users to buy all necessary things such as skateboards, rewards and many more things. Some of the main ways to earn currency are as follows –

·         By completing events and objectives one can easily earn coins and keys.

·         Also, users have to connect the game with Facebook to earn keys and coins.

So, these are some easy ways to earn currency and also there are many more ways present which help you in many ways.